Maximum charging and discharging current: 50A

Product Description

The SOFAR HYD 5-10KTL-3PH is a powerful three-phase residential storage inverter designed to maximize the utilization of solar energy in homes. With its robust performance, advanced features, and seamless integration, this inverter provides homeowners with a reliable and efficient energy storage solution. It enables the storage of excess solar energy for use during peak demand periods or during grid outages, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and increased self-consumption.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 200-1000V DC
Maximum Efficiency: Up to 98.2%
Flexible selection and switching of multiple modes
MPPT Range: 180-960V DC
Output Power Range: 5-10 kW
RS485/Bluetooth, Optional: WiFi/Ethernet

Product Features

High Efficiency

The SOFAR HYD 5-10KTL-3PH delivers high-performance output, allowing homeowners to make the most of their solar energy production. It efficiently converts and manages DC electricity from solar panels into AC electricity for use in homes, providing reliable and consistent power.

Three-Phase Operation

With its three-phase design, this inverter is suitable for residential properties with three-phase electrical systems. It ensures balanced power distribution across all phases, optimizing energy flow and minimizing energy losses.

Scalable Storage

The SOFAR HYD 5-10KTL-3PH supports scalable storage solutions, allowing homeowners to expand their battery capacity as needed. It provides flexibility for future expansion and ensures compatibility with a wide range of battery technologies.

Intelligent Energy Management

This inverter is equipped with intelligent energy management features, allowing homeowners to optimize their energy consumption and increase self-sufficiency. It actively monitors energy flow, battery status, and grid conditions to ensure efficient utilization of stored energy.

Grid Stability and Peak Shaving

By managing energy flow and load distribution, the SOFAR HYD 5-10KTL-3PH contributes to grid stability. It allows homeowners to participate in demand response programs and perform peak shaving, reducing the strain on the grid during peak demand periods.