Three MPPT
Max. input MPPT current: 20A

Product Description

The SOFAR 7K-10.5KTLM-G3 is a powerful and versatile solar PV inverter designed for residential applications. With its advanced features and reliable performance, it is an ideal choice for homeowners looking to maximize the benefits of solar energy. This inverter combines efficiency, durability, and user-friendly operation to deliver exceptional performance and energy savings.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 90-600V DC
Maximum Efficiency: Up to 98.1%
MPPT Range: 80V-550V DC
Output Power Range: 7-10.5 kW
Smart I-V scanning, accurate fault location

Product Features

High Efficiency

The SOFAR 7K-10.5KTLM-G3 boasts high conversion efficiency, allowing you to maximize the electricity generated by your solar panels. This translates into greater energy production and increased savings on your electricity bills.

Advanced MPPT Technology

The inverter features advanced MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology, which ensures that your system is always operating at maximum power output.

Flexible Installation

The SOFAR 3K~6KTLM-G3 is lightweight and compact, making it easy to install in a variety of locations.

Durable Design

The inverter is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and features a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure.


The SOFAR 7K-10.5KTLM-G3 comes with a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your investment is protected.