Max. DC string input current of 15A

Product Description

The SOFAR 3.3K-12KTLX-G3 is a powerful, Three-phase grid-tied inverter designed for residential PV systems. With advanced MPPT technology and a maximum efficiency of up to 98.5%, this inverter delivers reliable and efficient performance for your home’s solar energy needs.

Technical Specifications

Max. DC voltage of 1100 VC
Maximum Efficiency: Up to 98.5%
Supports 1.5x DC overload capacity and 1.1x AC overload capacity
MPPT Voltage Range: 140-800 VDC
Output Power Range: 3.3-12 kW
RS485/Bluetooth, Optional: WiFi/Ethernet

Product Features

High Efficiency

With a maximum efficiency of up to 98.5%, the SOFAR 3.3K-12KTLX-G3 delivers reliable and efficient performance for your residential PV system.

Advanced MPPT Technology

The inverter features advanced MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology, which ensures that your system is always operating at maximum power output.

Real-time Monitoring

The SOFAR3.3K-12KTLX-G3 comes equipped with comprehensive monitoring capabilities, enabling you to monitor the performance of your solar system in real-time. You can access valuable data such as energy production, system status, and historical performance through an intuitive user interface.

Durable Design

The inverter is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and features a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure.


The SOFAR 3.3K-12KTLX-G3 comes with a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your investment is protected.